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In His Hands Daycare Center

A division of Sound The Alarm Ministries

“IN HIS HANDS” DAY CARE AND MULTI-SENSORY LEARNING CLASSROOM ”In His Hands” is a Christian day care center developed to help children learn fundamental concepts, follow directions, make decisions, develop motor, language and social skills, enhance creativity as well as build self-esteem and most importantly develop Christian values.

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Integrated Care Corporation

The I. Care Corporation

"To serve the customer" Within the scope of our work, there is nothing more important than your child. The strength of Integrated Care's early intervention program is based on the skills, heart, experience of our amazing therapists. 1,807 combined years of life experience. � years of professional experience. (averaging more than 18 years each) With 727 years 0 -5 experience.

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Internal Revenue Service

Provide America's taxpayers top quality service by helping them understand and meet their tax responsibilities and enforce the law with integrity and fairness to all. This mission statement describes our role and the public’s expectation about how we should perform that role. In the United States, the Congress passes tax laws and requires taxpayers to comply. The taxpayer’s role is

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Intersections Wellness

Intersections Wellness' founder, Paula Soto, specializes in the treatment of trauma/abuse, anxiety, depression, women’s issues, and adolescents. Her approach is humanistic, based on the belief that each of us has an inherent drive toward health; and each person is worthy of compassion and acceptance. Ms. Soto offers Counseling and Wellness Coaching, with option to incorporate complementary practices such as yoga

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IRS (Tax Forms)

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