Our Purpose


Provide training

  • CAN sponsors training seminars that focus on issues universal to all organizations. Visit the calendar of events for the date of the next training seminar.
  • CAN offers Leadership Forums for the directors of non-profit human service organizations. These forums are informal and confidential. They are a source of support and information for Directors.

Act as the catalyst for collaboration

  • Beaver County CAN partners with other organizations to coordinate efforts to improve well-being.
  • CAN supports initiatives with a focus on preventing problems and improving how services are delivered to individuals and families.

Improve access to information and resources

  • CAN provides a one-stop shop for information and resources through:
  • An online directory of over 450 organizations that serve Beaver County residents.
  • An online library of information on a variety of issues.
  • A listing of events, trainings and workshops offered in Beaver County.

Facilitate and support collaboration in Beaver County

  • CAN brings together service providers to support each other by sharing information and resources.
  • CAN sets the standard for collaboration in Beaver County. We model collaboration as a way to improve the lives of individuals and families and the systems that serve them.

Promote coordinated planning

  • CAN encourages resource providers to collaborate and coordinate efforts to better serve individuals and families in Beaver County.


Thank You To Our Sponsors

We are grateful to our many partners who provide financial and operational support. 



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