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The Special Kids Network System of Care, or SKN System of Care for short, is a statewide program that connects children and youth with special health care needs and their families with services that will enrich their lives. SKN System of Care has several components available under the tabs above:

Statewide Initiatives
Regional Coordination
Service Coordination
Information and Referral Helpline and Web Site
Parent, Youth and Professional Forums (PYPF)
Regional meeting facilitation
Meeting participants

What is the SKN System of Care? SKN System of Care works within communities to improve local availability and delivery of services. Coordinators work with local community partners to coordinate and improve access to services within communities.

SKN System of Care works to remove the barriers and challenges families experience when trying to get needed services, such as:

Differing eligibility criteria
Gaps in services
Limited access to services
Non-existent services
Lack of funding for local initiatives
Waiting lists

Who does SKN System of Care serve?

Children and youth from birth through age 21 with special health care needs and their families
Professionals who work with children and youth with special health care needs and their families

Who are children and youth with special health care needs?

Children and youth who are at increased risk for chronic physical, developmental, behavioral, and emotional conditions requiring services of a type or amount beyond that required by children generally. For instance, Michael is 7 years old and has epilepsy and developmental delays. His parents were assisted with understanding the school services he is receiving.


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1-800-986-4550 Information and Referral
1-877-232-7640 TTY

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