Progressive Home Health, Inc.

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The mission of Progressive Home Health, Inc. is to provide quality compassionate healthcare services to individuals and families facing the trauma of an illness or injury who require skilled healthcare intervention to remain in their home setting.

We are dedicated to helping people face their healthcare challenges positively and resourcefully, to preserve their dignity, and to accept the changes associated with their trauma or illness holistically - physically, psychosocially, emotionally, and spiritually. Our desire is to empower the patient, family, and friends to deal with each change as it occurs.

We will work to involve each individual as an ally in this process, to train them to provide emotional and physical support and practical assistance, confidently and competently.

We will provide opportunities for individuals to work through the issues of illness and injury, so as to achieve relief and/or management of symptoms, strengthen hope in the possibility of recovery or rehabilitation, and realize their optimum potential.

We strive to support the patient, families, and friends through the process of changes the illness and injuries bring, working through the grieving process and achieving a healthy adjustment for the future.

We will assist patients and families to utilize personal and community resources to meet the challenges life and death brings, to gain release from stressors, and to enrich meaningful relationship.

We wish to bring to bear every resource within our power to achieve these goals with loving, competent care, and genuine compassion.

We will intertwine all of the above to establish a strong growing concern so as to ensure the continuance of this organization.


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3950 Brodhead Road
Monaca, PA 15061
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